your final paragraph sums everything up quite neatly I think:

Outside of such a basic provision of food and water, the rest of the planet could be managed in a way more extensive way than today.

Humankind has pulled off the neat trick of converting oil into food, and given us the means to balloon our population to 7X what it should be.

We eat oil. Without oil most of us will starve.

I’m not ‘willing to let people starve’, but it may come to that irrespective of what I think.
Millions of people have already outgrown/wrecked their environment. We have a choice — -deliver food/water to them, or bring them to where the food/water is. Recent history shows that populations go on increasing when resources are available to allow it.
Not a nice thought I agree, but no point in skirting around it.

The USA already has 44m on food aid.

Money is merely a token of energy exchange — -so ‘’investing’’ in factory farms and such means finding sufficient energy to do so to underpin that ‘investment’.
It isn’t possible to print money and use it to process various forms of energy. Few stop to consider our imminent problems — they are told that cheap energy/food/water will be there forever.

That is a lie, and as that lie becomes obvious, all hell is going to break loose. Especially when prayers don’t work.

Lack of oil will exacerbate the cracks between disparate states around the world, not just the USA.

The USA as a nation was built and held together by the energy in coal oil and gas. Without that input, the USA will fall apart, for no better reason than Washington will lack the means to do anything about it. Same applies to EU, which was constantly at war until 1945.

There will be civil wars in denial of the inevitable, because genetic forces drive us to fight for survival, but the end result will be same. It isn’t possible to hold together a nation of that size using wind and solar power. Neither can you make those without fossil fuel derived factories and ancilliary services

As to desalination, the Persian gulf is heavily salinated now because of seawater desalination. The more water is treated there the more energy is required to do so.

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