Your crystal ball?

while no forecast can be totally accurate, the following observations are based on logic and factual observation, not daydreaming or satire

1 The economy of the industrial world is based on easy access to cheap energy supplies, namely oil coal and gas

That energy is finite, and will shut down sometime between now and 2050, sooner rather than later.

We have no viable replacement energy sources.

Human genetic instinct will ensure that we fight over depleting resources in the face of growing adversity.

This will bring about collapse of civil order, through certainty that our problems are purely political.

those in government will have no option but the declare martial law and installation of a military dictatorship. Almost certainly viciously theocratic in nature.

This will bring about national collapse, and regional secession. (Cheap energy built the nation, removing energy sources will destroy it.)

The cracks are already there, leading to 5 or 6 breakaway states.

Welcome to 2047

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