you have either misunderstood my comment, or reveal your own lack of knowledge. My comment ‘just do it’ was intended for the male participant, certainly not the female.

a man cannot have 2 blowjobs in succession , that is basic biology— -there may be a reason why you don’t know that. I can’t say.

whereas a woman can have 10–20 orgasms in succession, or even more if she has a fully creative partner. — again, you may not know that.

my comment above was based entirely on female desire, which is always very intense, far more intense than a man’s. Perhaps you are unaware of that

male desire is different

If a man is any good, desire is driven by the woman to go on for hours or even days. It is she who is intensely insistent. The man must be able to cope with that, as part of a fulfilling relationship

if on the other hand, the man is useless and thoughtless, then she won’t do that because she gets bored.

but you may not know that

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