Will Trump seek to use the military to keep himself in office?

And this in the 'greatest democracy in the world’., Not Ethiopia or Kazakstan.

But this is the US of A.This is what it has come to, the pinnacle of greed, the peak of the grand Ponzi scheme that is the American commercial undertaking, where wealth is promised to everybody, but where only those at the top of the heap cream off the $billions in profits, while the majority remain persuaded to vote themselves into deeper poverty.

And 44m at the lowest level are on food aid because they cannot earn enough to eat.

The Don is set to create chaos, and in that chaos he will call on the military to 'restore order'.

He is putting the right wing bigoted generals in place right now who will obey his commands. Getting rid of anyone likely to naysay him.

It is no different to Hitler's SS or Ceasar's praetorian guard. He has already told them to ‘stand by’. Does anyone now think that was a casual remark?

Let's hope so. I don’t think it was.

Trump's way is to create chaos, the next step is to restore order.

His antics create violence on the streets, half in support of him, half against him. Both sides armed to the teeth. He orders the military to put an end to it. The generals give orders — -the common soldier obeys. He has no choice. His life too depends on obedience in a totalitarian state.

You then find tanks on the White House lawn, The previous election is declared null and void.

Biden attempts to take over on Jan 20th, is either turned away or more likely arrested. ‘Lock him up’ suddenly becomes stomach churning reality. Trump controls the military. Your democracy is over.

Already Pompeo has said : There will be a smooth transition of power to Trump in 2021. Did anyone think he was joking?

Still doubting?

Watch and digest this video:

I challenge you not to be chilled by it. Or not to feel the stinging behind your eyes. Know that the monster is rearing its head once again. Yes, it CAN happen to you, and yours. It may already be too late.

Once you have a group in place who will obey every command (literally) then the rest will fall into line. Soldiers fall in behind whoever pays their wages. Now I am really scared------ I wrote the same words in 2016, when this guy got elected. I forecast this chaotic power grab. As did others.

He got elected by promising 'more' of everything. We see the lie of those words now. There is no more to be had.

Write this where you will be constantly reminded of it:

Democracy is a child of prosperity, poverty renders it an orphan and it starves to death.


co-author of The End of More, in paperback and kindle on Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00D0ADPFY email pagett.communications@blueyonder.co.uk

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