While one might (correctly) point to slavery as ultimately socially destructive, it was not exclusive to the Americas

Her in the UK we 'ended' slavery in the early 1800s---all well and good.

But our government did not 'end it' as they should have, They 'bought' all the slaves on British territory and set them free. In other words. they still saw slaves as 'energy resource' with negotiable value.

At the same time, children as young as six were still working underground in coalmines.

They too were an energy resource. But they were not 'slaves' because they were paid and had a choice between working underground and starvation.

In terms of energy resource, the Americas presented unlimited opportunity. The slaves were imported to aid that acquistion of 'unlimited' wealth. They were never intended to share in it. The demand from coloured people that they should share in it is what drives conflict today

As a god-infested people, the slave owners pointed to their bibles to justify their actions, and are still doing so, albeit covertly.

They call in the 'American dream',,, not realising that it is everyone else's nightmare,

Same thing happened in the early 30s. Hitler promised to make Germany great again. the German dream became everyone else's nightmare.

All based on infinite resources and infinite growth. Remember the 1000 year Reich?

Democracy cannot survive the onslaught of poverty


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