we have never had a modern society

not in the sense of a universal modern society — -defining modern as universal cheap food, clean water, sanitation, healthcare, education, decent housing and free movement.

Those factors define for us a modern society, remove two of the above, maybe only one, and your modern society starts to crumble.

Yes, in the developed west we have created that, but not for everyone.

And when a modern society is not universally inclusive then it means nothing, because dissatisfaction is always there as an undercurrent — -the haves and the have nots if you like. Conflict becomes inevitable with imbalance, and conflict destroys the rudiments of whatever level of society existed in the first place.

Yes, rebuilding takes place, (eg post WW2) but that was entirely due to the fact that WW2 didn’t touch the USA — -which is where the rebuilding (energy) came from. Had that not neen the case, Europe/Japan would still be in a relative dark age.

Instead we have a‘modern’ ,society, but the surplus energy factor that props us up is draining away fast, while we scream denial of it. (infinite growth)

Look at my modern society essential list above, and check the bits looking doubtful or missing altogether, and check against national ‘satisfaction’ levels and current conflicts.

The USA has 40m people on food aid, and 000s homeless. That is a recipe for civil war and/or revolution.

Around the wourld millions are at the point of actual starvation. Cities are running out of water through climate change.

Their modern society has gone, or never was.

People hold together as cohesive groups (ie societies) only as long as circumstances allow them to so so. This maybe explains it better:


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