we have lulled ourselves into the delusion that democracy is our ‘normal

it isn’t

fascism/autocratic rule is our normal

the last 1/200 years has been an anomaly

before that, the peasant class was ground down by the ruling class by brutal laws inflicted by church and state,

we are headed back there. That much is made obvious by Herr Trump’s cozying up to the jesusfreaks.

He’s an atheist, and they know it but they serve a mutual purpose. They get what they want, infliction of social control, he gets what he wants, to loot the country as a dictator. The godbotherers will eagerly do his bidding.

And how might that come about? Easy.

The USA is run as a debt-economy, on the promise of infinite energy supplies. Without that energy, the economic system will collapse. When it does, chaos is inevitable. At that point military intervention becomes certain, and a dictatorship takes over, Congress is overruled and dismissed. The military falls in behind whoever pays their wages.

this expands the reality:


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