We have lost touch with who we are

Watching any wildlife documentary on TV, the overriding theme of the creatures in focus, is the daily struggle to get hold of enough food-energy on which to survive till next day.

That food-energy is always locked into another creature’s body, who employs certain survival techniques to keep it, ie: running faster, disguise, being bigger and so on.

Human beings were part of this struggle until fairly recently (in biological terms). Then we had to genius notion of creating money as a form of energy exchange.

That is all money is. We’ve dressed it up to look like all kinds of things , but essentially when we pass money hand to hand, all we are doing is buying different energy forms: A new car, clothes, a new gizmo that we think we must have, food, and so on.

So our worries about money, are our human equivalent of the polar bear sitting on an ice floe waiting for a seal to pop its head up, or a wolf pack bringing down a deer.

If we don’t have enough energy-stuff to sustain ourselves, then ultimately we will die, just as the polar bear or the wolf will die. Those who possess what we need, will not surrender it unless we enter into a money-transaction to obtain it.

No matter how many tiers separate you from the abbatoir or farm, this is what acquisition of cash is all about: survival. Your standard of living dictates how much you must struggle to maintain yourself and survive till tomorrow.

Centuries ago, the majority lived hand to mouth, struggled through life day to day and died young. Now we expect a different existence where our ‘’essentials’’ are delivered as some kind of entitelment. This is the ultimate error that few recognise. Instead we are promised ‘growth forever’ when there can be no such thing.

We know that such an existence cannot be, so the result is the collective panic over ‘money’. When we are really panicking over is energy, because there isn’t eneough available to support or expected lifestyle.

So our lifestyle is going to deteriorate, and as it does so, our powers that be will print increasing amounts of money to rebalance to energy-books.

It won’t wotk.

co-author of The End of More, in paperback and kindle on Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00D0ADPFY email pagett.communications@blueyonder.co.uk

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