two or three or more centuries ago, Europe was an amalgam of autocratic and theocratic dictatorships, where stupid dogma of one sort or another ruled.

you could be imprisoned or executed by church or state

Each state made war on its neighbour, always with god on their side. and always in pursuit of basic resources.

They fought till their strength ran out, rested, and reignited the war for the next generation.

land was the first target of war (land produced primary energy--food) then raw materials as iron steel and fuel became critical to national survival as populations expanded.

When the Americas opened up, and the sheer volume of resources there became apparent, European wars ceased, and the looting of the American continent began.

To all intents and purposes it was infinite. The only need for war was outside the American borders.

Right now, Americans are finding out that it is not infinite after all.The current insanity is created by that earth shattering discovery.

They are grabbing from each other, like Titanic survivors stealing lifejackets from each other. Which is what healthcare and education are, if you stop to think about it.

They are social lifejackets.

To the drillers who brought in the Spindletop well in the 1900s, oil wealth was forever.

A new way of living for lucky Americans. Right now they are finding out this was and is a lie, and are engaged in the stupidities of denial that throws up the likes of Trump.

If it wasn't him it would be someone equally crazy--symptomatic of the current psyche of the American people

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