Trump is there because America wanted and needed him there.

Just as Adolf Hitler was there because the German people wanted him there.

In both situations, each was seen as a harmless buffoon who would be controlled by the establishment when he got into office.

There was even a Nazi movement to replace FDR. Had the Japanese not attacked in 1941, who knows where that might have led? Certainly the ‘new deal’ was faltering, and people were becoming dissatisfied. It was WW2 that kicked off our current version of the consumerist society.

Disgruntled people heed the words of the extremist because they have nothing else to cling on to. He promises a return to what was, using mindless rhetoric that has no bearing on reality.

He recruits only those who agree with him and are ready to do his bidding. Trump isn’t ready to directly recruit thugs yet, as Hitler did, but will he have to? The latest shooting in El Paso suggests not (yet). His border guards are adopting unpleasant obstructionism. (I know — I crossed over last month).

They need jobs and wages just like everybody else. They seem to enjoy their work.

When actual recruiting to do dirty work does start, there will be no shortage of volunteers. And there will be no one left to stop him, having got rid of everyone who disagrees with him.

It is well known now, that he wishes only to see and read agreeable material which praises his imagined successes. Hitler had the same problem until the day he shot himself.

But all that can be ignored. The neckless voters remain convinced that prosperity is just a matter of voting for it. Rounding up Mexicans is the first stage of creating prosperity for the white race.

Other nations will register their displeasure perhaps, just as they did when Jews were rounded up from 1933 onwards — but they did nothing about it. Hitler didn’t do any rounding up — others did that for him. The rest of the world let him get on with it.

Each step becomes an encouragement to take the next, bigger one, as nobody checks him. Soon the nation will return to greatness, when the ‘untermensch’ have been disposed of.

And soon the real fear will kick in, where those closest to him need him in order to stay alive. Just as they did in the Third Reich. Then no criminal act will be too base. They looted because they remained unchecked. Looting the USA is happening right now. It’s called unchecked capitalism, but the end result is the same. The country stripped of its assets to provide an elite with extreme wealth.

The looting remains unchecked. We call it a capitalist society, but the end result is the same: the treasure of the nation is stolen for the benefit of an elite.

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