,Trump is not the danger.

That lies in who follows him. Hedges has said as much.

Those who believe Trump’s rantings see a beckoning utopia — they are convinced that prosperity can be voted into office.

It can’t, the reasons for our problems lie in the fact that we have spent the last 200 years consuming the planet’s resources to create a delusion of infinite wealth.

Now that party is over, but few can accept that. Most see the problems as political, (or theo-political) and thought when Trump got into office, somehow he would be controllable.

They said that of Hitler in 1932.
He too was thought a bombastic fool, he too was cheered into office. And he too was given control of the mightiest military force on earth. He too promised to make Germany great again.

If you read no more of my comment, I beg you to watch this video, and not flinch from your future.


It shows how the gullible can be led into a right wing death trap.

That video does not make easy viewing; we thought such evil was long dead. If you are able to think with any depth, it will move you deeply. But watch it, It will scare you — it is meant to do just that.

Digest what it means. Circulate it to others. It is the ultimate outcome of fascist thinking,

it is the way the nation is headed right now.

There has been a century of growing affluence, at least in the developed industrial part of the world, and everyone is demanding that it should continue, and sees no reason why not. We are all in fact willing contributors to a global Ponzi scheme, but few are aware of that.

Trump is merely giving voice to those demands, and his followers are screaming in unison — because they have nothing else to scream about. We’ve been to the oil-party, and now that party’s over, but Trump is still promising infinite wealth can come out of his Ponzi scheme..

The global economy cannot provide any more, we’ve milked the Earth dry.

Ultimately Trump will lead you into a theofascist dictatorship , by his own ineptitude. The seeds of it are already sown, with a gun happy population locked into a belief system that relies on the return of a messiah to restore American greatness — -a situation that never existed for most people in any era.

When there is no return to prosperity, and the economy goes into a tailspin, all hell is going to break loose with everyone seeking to blame everyone except themselves, and backing up their opinions at gunpoint. The United States is a construct of energy. Without it, it will break apart. But denial will go on, the finger of blame being pointed at anyone and everyone.

welcome to the (dis) United states of America, especially as it devolves into 5 or 6 disparate regions. the cracks are already there, along ethnic, geographical and religious lines. They will inevitably fight each other to prove their version of righteousness.

this explains the slippery route into tyranny:


But the constitution cannot allow such a fascist dictatorship to arise. Too many checks and balances, yet the scenario is all to easy to set in motion because the constitution made no contingency plans for economic collapse, which the fallacy of ‘infinite growth’ makes certain. How could they?

To the founding fathers, the American continent had no limits. in 1774 this seemed obvious. Politicians today still hold that opinion.

So how might this happen?

Ten easy stages:

1. A president (2020) is elected on another promise of eternal greatness. (Trump having failed to deliver.) Almost certainly a jesusfreak and godbotherer. If Trump is impeached before 2020, that will mean Pence.

2. Those promises remain unfulfilled.

3. The economy continues into its tailspin.

4. The disillusioned majority faces acute privation.

5. The nation begins to violently disintegrate into disparate regions.

6. The constitution is suspended, A state of emergency is declared.

7. The military sides with the existing government (they have no choice)

8. Civil war breaks out (2023?) as US regions demand autonomy.

9. Martial law is declared under the post Trump president

10. You have a fascist (or more likely theo-fascist) dictatorship.

The military will have no option but to fall in behind such a fascist government, for as long as it lasts. They will have no choice.

And you thought our prime danger lay in climate change.


My book The End of More, explains how we got into this mess in the first place:


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