Trump is a symptom of the malaise that has afflicted the people

Just as Hitler was a symptom of the malaise that afflicted the people

Both nations were and are capable of doing great things, with high cultured ideals, but then they got scared seeing a future that was seemingly beyond their control or understanding — -so they throw up a fascist who wants total dictators ship

Hitler got what he demanded of the German people they screamed their adulation and followed him in their millions

the horror of his rule was not something he could carry out alone

he needed willing helpers

you see that today — -thousands of volunteers who wouldn't flinch at any excess the Trump demanded if he was in a position to demand it

And should there be an economic crash, all hell will break loose. He will be forced to introduce martial law to stop civil disorder

Welcome to your dictatorship folks — -it will happen as the American people cheer him on and help with his excesses

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