to quote from above:

There was the reduction of global poverty, there was the rise of international democracy — and there was the European Miracle.

I think you missed something rather critical there.

The almost universal availability of cheap surplus fuels

without that particular (one shot) miracle, the others could not have happened.

WW2 was fought over access to oil, WW2 was won by the side with the most of it.

The aftermath of WW2 was brought about by the victors priming the industrial pumps of the losers (with oil)

Why did they do that? In order to keep the production machine/markets going, and to prevent a fallback into the depression of the 30s, and another rise of fascism.

we are now at the stage of our industrial pumps failing after 75 years….and what do we see? — -the inevitable rise of fascism again.

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