through the mists of Trumpism, and the antics of his cohorts, it’s easy to forget what America is

For centuries, Europeans fought among themselves. Each nation state coveted the territory if its neighbours and the fought to the death to acquire them.

Each nation had god on its side. (that was essential).

All Europeans wars were pointless, because war destroys the resource it is fought over. But European was constrained in its conflict by territorial limits and energy availability.

Then the Americas opened up, and suddenly an entirely new set of lands presented themselves to the warring nations of Europe, They were ‘empty lands’ with only a few native peoples who didn’t possess firearms or resistance to diseases.

So we Europeans upped and moved there, and took our (subdued) conflicts with us. There was no need to fight for resources, there was plenty for everybody — -forever.

Except that there wasn’t.

America right now is realising that resources are running out, just as they did in Europe 250 years ago

What we are seeing now is panic. With trump put in charge because he promises prosperity forever. The godbotherers are on his side. Just like they used to be in Europe. Here the churches had total power. Now they don’t. That power is resurging in the USA.

The mob cannot invade new territories to boost their lifestyles. It’s over, so they retreat into a state of denial and blame and all round awfulness, laced with futile murderous prayer

But check your history books — -you’ll see where it came from. The crazy kings and emperors who were always clothed in the finest raiment for all to see.

This time there is no new world to escape to.

This expands on the problem:

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