this pandemic isn't 'asking' us to change.

it is serving notice that we are going to change.

the opinions of humankind are a matter of total inconsequence in the face of the processes now under way, though the godbotherers amongst us insist that humankind is a species to whom the laws of physics do not apply.

And this has been our problem for the last million years.

We came to see ourselves as top predator, able to kill anything else through our use of collective reason and fire.

But of course we have never been top predator; humankind is mearely a leaseholder here, and we have consistently broken the terms of the lease agreement.

We are just finding out that all other species possess collective reason that we are unaware of. They know of us, and what we are doing to their world.

The real guardians of the planet, the microbial life forms, are now asserting their authority and serving notice to quit. We have messed up the habitats of all the other critters who have as much right to be here as we have.

They look after them, and are turning on us to bring our profiteering predations to a stop.

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