this article makes the classic mistake common to so many in this area, that somehow the politics of the far right can somehow be discussed in isolation — -as if voting for the right politician will somehow correct the mistakes of our past, and smooth our future.

This is a fallacy.

The politics of extremism surface because of economic malaise. And that is caused by the relentless depletion of surplus energy within our economic system, not through the shenanigans of politicians. The “American dream” so beloved of Trump et al, was a fantasy time in the 70s, when everyone supposedly had a job and high wages. So what happened in the 70s? The USA went from being in oil surplus to oil deficit. In other words, we’ve burned all our cheap oil coal and gas, and people are beginning to feel the cold.

Pre 1970 oil provided the cheap driving force of the global industrial machine.

We built our world and fought our wars with it, available in seemingly infinite quantity it built the American empire.

Since the 1980s, oilwars have been increasing. The link is specific and direct

In the 1930s and 40s, the energy return on a typical oilwell was 100:1. Now even the best oilwells only return 20:1. That drop in return is where jobs and wages went. We built our infrastructure on cheap energy, we are now pretending we can run it on expensive energy. That’s why national prosperity is falling and why fascism is rising.

People believe that prosperity can be voted into office. It can’t, anymore than oilwells can be refilled with cheap oil. Fascist politicians make promises that cannot be fulfilled, because the global oilparty is over. When the mob’s hysteria that votes for Fascism is shown to be misplaced, it won’t subside it will turn into insurrection, particularly in the USA. The USA was built on cheap fuel, once that fuel is no longer available, the empire will collapse and disintegrate into warring factions. The cracks are clear and obvious along geographic and ethnic lines.

But few can see that there is no more to be had with which to power the world machine.

This book attempts to explain why.

co-author of The End of More, in paperback and kindle on Amazon email

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