There was never an “if’’ about when sudden disaster might arrive

just as there was never an ‘’if’’ about when the Amercian political/social system would throw up an arrogant dictator.

so let’s do a little mind-bending and link the two in a (possibly) logical way.

right now the don is held in check (just) by somewhat fragile political norms . He pushes legality to its limits.

But as I’ve pointed out on previous occassions, he only needs a crisis to assume the extraordinary powers that would enable him to rule by decree.

Coronovirus might just provide him with that crisis.

Just suppose this virus is running full blown by next November.
And the election is ‘postponed’ as an emergency measure. His legions of neckless followers would cheer him on would they not?

We’ve all watched them at his rallies. We have seen their like in times past.
They have not changed in 80 years. They want the blood of victims, the don will provide them — -just like last time.

He has bragged endlessly about running on for more than two terms. Did anyone out there think he was joking?

He has already got rid of everyone who might naysay him, or even feebly try to hold him in check.

If this virus takes down 20% of the population, the result will be chaos, because the economic system can only function at full capacity. If it cannot be sustained, then collapse becomes certain. If things fall apart, they cannot be easily rebuilt. The USA has no health saftey net.

That would bring about the necessary civil disorder. The system is fragile beyond belief.

He could then assume full powers of control, with a military willing to do his bidding. He has already got rid of any general who might refuse to carry out his orders, If he grabs power, he will never let it go. His legions of fascist jesusfreaks will see to that. They will see the possibility of a fullblown theofascist dictatorship with Trump as the (ultimately incompetent) figurehead. That description would fit the last fuhrer too.

The Senate is now too weak to stop him, impeachment having failed. He wants vengeance on those who wronged him.

How long before the next step, and the sickness is seen as the wrath of their god, where sinners must be found and punished?

Ridiculous? Obama warned about god and guns. This could be (unknowingly) what he was warning about.

The dictator cannot take power without crisis. Coronavirus might just deliver exactly that.

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