There remains a common delusion that because surplus cheap energy allowed humankind to have and utilise technology, we can reverse the process and utilise technology to deliver cheap surplus energy.

It doesn’t work that way.

Humankind has evolved over maybe 500k homicidal generations, because that killer instinct has brought supremacy within the environment in which we find ourselves. We burned everything in sight and killed/domesticated everything that opposed us. We look back over history and see that as a ‘’good thing’’.That is our history as it stands today. Any imagined “foresight” would not have prevented that happening, any more than the first hominid who learned to control fire could have foreseen the result of his action.

What we are collectively expecting is to change direction in the course of a single generation or less, using essentially the same ‘cleverness’ that got us into this mess in the first place.

But in the course of that ‘change’ we expect life to proceed as normal, with only minor inconvenience. Our restion will be violent when living becomes very inconvenient.

I don’t find this particularly depressing, I try to deal with facts and reality as they are.

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