there is not ‘’room for everyone’’

we can no doubt grow enough food for 7–8–9–10 billion people, if everyone volunteered to accept a vegetarian median diet . But given a choice, people won’t accept that.

The author of this piece is advocating that the human race, after engaging in homicidal activities for the past 500k generations or so, will in some way not yet explained, change in the course of the coming one generation to become gentle gardeners without desires or ambitions, tending vegetables and wishing his neighbour good day over the picket fence.

Where do such notions spring from?

Assuming enough food is produced, how exactly will we ship it around to where its needed? Sailing ships?

Electric vehicles cannot function outside a hydrocarbon based environment. Think that one through. Mentally itemise what an electric car is made from. Think beyond the electricity that makes it move.

We built our economic system on cheap surplus energy. It cannot be sustained on expensive scarce energy, Our current systems demand machines.

Machines demand energy, and lots of it

Our civilised existence can be summed up in six words:

Explosive forces converted into rotary motion.

It will be painful to accept — -but that’s it. And you will not escape those six words unless you become a professional hermit. (maybe)

Climate change is going to drastically cut food production, yet by some means as yet unknown, we are still going to produce enough for 10bn?

A quarter of whom will be on the move looking for food when climate change really kicks in. The war in Syria flooded Europe with refugees. That was just the dress reheasal for what’s coming. Millions have desertified their lands in the grab for more of everything. That land is now useless. Those people are not going to roll over and conveniently die

They are going to come looking for your share of the planet

But let’s have more kids.

That was essential in the middle ages, when a never ending supply of muscle was needed to produce food, and everyone walked to where they need to be. Work will be found for all of them, trust me.

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