there is an additional factor on the horizon maybe — -another of my wild forecasts. (Though I admit I’m not the only one making it)

The USA was created and held together as a nation by the availability and use of cheap fossil fuels. During the next 50 years (being generous) fossil fuels will cease to be available in the quantities they are now.

When that happens, the country will become ungovernable from a central point, so must begin the process of breaking apart.

Seceded parts will therefore govern themselves, and there will be nothing Washington can do about it. They will become petty fiefdoms, enforcing their own laws, along the lines of the horrors of Alabama and elsewhere.

As conditions worsen, these laws will become more draconian, as the denialists cling to their jesus fixation. Fascism is inevitable because control must be strictly enforced, not only on abortion but every aspect of life.

I think the cracks are already there, along geographic, economic and theological lines

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