there is a reason why technology wasn’t mentioned

our use of fossil fuel based energy systems has allowed the development of technology — no aspect of technology that i can think of would have been possible without it.

improvements in steam engine design allowed deeper oil extraction — -that supplied even more coal/oil/gas that powered our industrial world, allowed access to more minerals, built factories and so on. The fossil fuel infrastructure has been effectively self replicating.

And more importantly, it has become effectively our sole source of food in real terms. Fossil fuels have put 6bn extra people here


it doesn’t work the other way round.

“alternatives” are not self replicating

technology doesn’t deliver new energy systems in the way we need them to sustain our current infrastructure.

The complexity of our power infrastructure alone could not be built with the output of a solar farm, or wind turbine, neither could a tarmac road, or bridge, An Electric car requires fossil fuels for its construction, and a fossil fuel based environment in which to function — -and an EV is pointless without a destination that itself gives an energy return. And there are virtually no jobs that do not depend on fossil fuels to support them somewhere back down the line

without employment, journeys become pointless. Driving around in an EV doesn’t increase your wealth, it drains it.

I want to be shown to be wrong on the above. Particularly about the food. Being right about it is seriously scary.

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