the world, as well as the USA itself, has a problem, of which Trump was the symptom, and for which Biden is not the cure.

The vast majority believe that the world owes then a living, that it is some kind of eternal cash cow that will keep on giving no matter what we do. If times get difficult, we just print more money and payb ourselves higher wages — sink a few more oilwells and burn some more coal.

Well it seems the world has had enough of our disorderly conduct and is giving notice to quit.

Voting for Biden wont change anything. You can’t vote prosperity into office and expect the return of the American Dream.

But this is what people expect him to deliver.

And when he doesn’t another Trump will arise, more competent than the last one, fully able to create a theo-fascist dictatorship, for no better reason than the people will demand it — -it will be the only ‘solution’ on offer. After that the USA will sink into the abyss for real, and the mindless crowds will blissfully await the second coming, or rapture, or somesuch nonsense that might fill their imaginations.

While ‘others’ are quietly disposed of, in the manner of all fascist regimes. And where science is denied even as heat and high water is cleansing the planet of the human scourge.

co-author of The End of More, in paperback and kindle on Amazon email

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