the whole thing might be said to be a ponzi scheme

Nazi germany certainly was, only there was no choice about joining, the ‘unter menschen’ were forced in at the bottom, to support the Aryans higher up.

Hitler built his Ponzi scheme, then had to go to war to prevent it collapsing — Ponzi schemes are all based on that concept of infinite expansion

We are now in the same situation

80m new people show up each year, which means constant expansion on a finite planet. They demand to be housed clothed and fed, Hitler’s preferred job creation scheme was to produce wartoys but he had to deliver food as well, so he had to take it from elsewhere, then he ran out of energy (literally)

We’ve now run out of energy with which to provide for the demands we make on our environment, so stronger nations are draining weaker ones in order to prevent our Ponzi scheme collapsing.

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