the ‘’what would we do?’ thing is a popular mind exercise

what we have done is the culmination of what we are — ie human beings, The firemaking brainy ape.

And like all living things, we do what we do best, eat and procreate. Why? Because that promotes the strength of our particular species over others.

The rest is just window dressing

That didn’t matter much until the 18th c. We had existed until then happily slaughtering each other while the dominant species on the planet — -viruses and bacteria let us get on with it (and believing we were that dominant species). They culled our numbers when we got too uppity.

Unfortunately we found a temporary means to subvert them (and it is very temporary) and multiply our numbers x7 (and rising) which provided us with an inflated view of ourselves, that this state of affairs could carry on forever. It can’t, but in order to prove that it can the more powerful among us are having to drain the living resources of the weak.

So now warfare has become endemic.

Not just warfare between nations as we used to, but warfare on our own kind.

So that millions are now in poverty and homeless, while the rich go on draining resources to fund yachts and private jets.

This is what we “do” because our instinct is to grab more in a misguided thrust for self survival. The rich are no different to the rest of us — -they just got clever and/or lucky.

The millionaire/billionaire doesn’t stop making more money, because he is driven to go on doing it.

What we see around us is the current culmination of that. And it will go on until resources are drained completely, or beyond the point of usability. This means our access to sufficient energy to wage wars on each other.

When those resouces are no longer available to us, the real dominant species will re assert their position of strength again and reduce our numbers to the balanced level it was pre 1700.

This maybe explains where we went wrong

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