The USA is the land of the free

The wild frontier is still fresh in the folk memory of most Americans. It equates with strength and independence.

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Something as insignificant as a virus cannot destroy America, hence can be ignored. Humans are not as other species, they are made in the image of god. Gods are not troubled by viruses.

With that nonsense aired, let’s look at another level of thinking:

For decades we have promised to mend our ways, while continuing to trash the planet. But suppose the planet has an awareness that something is wrong?

And an awareness that humankind is the problem,

All species have the ability to communicate, on levels and in ways that we mere humans cannot comprehend. Suppose microbial life exists at its own level of awareness, and knows that humankind is destroying the living environment of every other life form.

Seen from that aspect, the USA is uniquely guilty.

The global environment now at risk. But every living species has defence mechanism against predators. Covid might just be the ultimate defence mechanism against the ultimate predator: Humankind.

The USA leads the predations of humankind. Could the unseen viral legions be acting to bring the human race back into line to save the biosphere of the planet itself?

What better way to do that than create a disease that kills off a minute proportion of humanity , and panics the rest into committing commercial suicide by cutting off our means of pollution?
Which is what the USA is doing right now. America is killing itself through arrogance. The political system threw up Trump to bring this about at the exact moment in history to have this effect.

Weird huh?

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