The USA cannot become a social democracy, because the denial of permanent affluence is too deeply ingrained

That affluence is rooted in the certainty of self and self-ishness, where only self matters and the underdog is ordained to stay under because he is there through his own ineptitude, lazines or whatever.

Similarly if a person is ill, then the illness is not a social responsibility, it is his own, to either die of recover. It is the law of the frontier, which Americans cannot rid themselves of. Always there is a new frontier to be reached and conquered by one’s own strength and ability — or to die in the attempt, irrespective of any who might get trampled in that attempt.

It is in this we find the destruction of the environment with contempt for climate change and anything else that might hinder ‘progress’

Social democracy is certainly a hindrance to progress because soaial democracy denies that grab all progress, and advocates care for all — -the ultimate anathema in the current political climate.

So social democracy is denied and resisted, and will be so until ultimate social collapse happens.

After that there might be a return to democratic sanity — -but not until all the other insanities have been tried, and there are not enought people left to promote fascist ideologies and individual greed.

This maybe expands on it a bit more:

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