the ultimate aim of any species, humankind included, is to eat and reproduce its own kind

everything else, and i do mean everything else, is window dressing.

The female seeks to reproduce, so she seeks the best physical specimen that her own characteristics will draw to her.

the male similarly will employ the same tactics.

this may be unconcious, but it is there, and the male knows that to attract a mate he must acquire capital.

the female recognises that capital as support for yet unborn offspring, — — it will give them the best chance of survival in an uncertain future.

this is the distant origin of capitalism.

a large house form a ‘display’

some people are inherently cleverer than others, so they acquire multiple properties, simply because they can.

wealth brings security.

which is why you see a 25yr old bimbo on the arm of an 80 yr old billionaire — -his capital offers her breeding security, maybe at a later date, but the instinct is nevertheless there.

the structure of our society has allowed this to run rampant over our entire existence, and excess consumption will destroy us because it cannot be sustained.

yet of course we remain convinced that it will go on forever

nice while it lasted though

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