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I know that the brain of the average human being has not evolved beyond the capacity of primitive man, and is still subject to meaningless hysterias. When I find a superstition that comforts their existence and fits their situation, I use it for self justification, feed a culture of blame, fan the flames of anger and reprisal and externalise consequence. They stand in a circle of piety and sacrifice their senses to that which brings solace and justification for the evils that I offer.

That, or something like it, is on the first page of every atheist dictator’s playbook, whether he possesses the intellect to know it or not.

Religion must be subverted to the will of the despot, and used to justify the temperamental whims of a man-child bent on evil for his own purpose: that of controlling the nation to feed authoritarian intent, eliminating all opposition, and making his tenure permanent.

That purpose is becoming clearer by the day.

Pious minions draw themselves into a hallelujah circle, to focus the credibility of their god onto the chosen leader. They bow their heads in unison, seeing, perhaps welcoming, the spectre of fascism rising once again, knowing its origin and ultimate purpose. They hide it from themselves with other names, but that is what it is.

The supreme court is being maneouvred in the same direction.

The holy ones know, as do all subordinates of a despot, that their fate is locked to his. As long as he stays in power, and they help with his evil work, they are safe. He is happy to be recognised as the instrument of god, and those closest to him will close their eyes and lay their hands on him in unison to confirm it.

They have little choice, knowing that the slightest disagreement means removal.

Germany in the 1930s witnessed the same thing. It is the controlling force in North Korea. And it was in 1483 when Torquemada began the inquisition to eliminate non-believers in Spain.

The dimmest halo in that prayer circle knows that if this goes on, the revolving door in the White House will not always lead out to Pennsylvania Avenue.

But not for them of course. Always for ‘others’. Those on the path of righteousness are safe.
But when god has served his purpose, he will be surplus to requirements. As will all his priestly entourage. But for now each displays an eagerness to agree to every proposed excess, while clinging to the cardboard lifebelt of the despot’s protection.

Their piety will soon be laced with fear.


Polluting the Earth in the name of god.

As our Earth drifts deeper into degraded mess, and promises of infinite growth cannot be met, the certainties of the pious dare not change for fear of displeasing their leader. They will find other reasons why their god has so far not intervened to restore the world to an exclusive paradise for white christians. God by definition, cannot be wrong; their personal piety is above reproach, so the sins of humankind must be the cause of all problems.

They must align with the pronouncements of the dictator: that ‘others’ are the cause of the nation’s ills. Find them.

They are easily identifiable: their skin is the wrong colour, they worship at different altars, they come from different lands. When they are gone, god will look favourably upon them and all will be well. The inquisition worked to the same format, it was sanctioned by Pope. Evildoers have never been in short supply.

So they must be purged.


It’s happening already: those said to be responsible for social problems are being removed. And as bibles are held up to justify it, due prayers are spoken and universal agreement reached that godly sanction has been received. The holy ones stand around and say so.

Are they not draining the wealth from the nation? They must go. The Spanish jews were similarly accused, as were those in Germany . Time has moved forward, thinking has not. So let the cages be constructed to hold them. And the masses cheer such words, in mindless support of he who utters them.

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80 years ago a dictator surrounded himself with the same fawning opportunist sycophants. He too built cages for undesirables. He also fielded an army of six million with Gott mit Unz stamped on their belt buckles. They were the ones who elected him. They believed the rantings of their Fuhrer and eagerly joined his mob. They were the ones he sent to grab the resources of weaker peoples.

Democracy is the child of prosperity, poverty makes it an orphan.

Once the cages were built, they multiplied in number, and new occupants were constantly found to fill them. As will the current ones; new purposes will present themselves as the power of the great leader grows unchecked.

The bible is now ‘the law’; the words of the saviour they claim to follow: Love thy neighbour as yourself, are conveniently ignored, revealing blatant hypocrisy. However, every dictator must keep his high priests on side until they are no longer useful.

So the bible is quoted to justify the unwanted being dispatched whence they came. But this will not slow the slide into economic and social chaos. The economic system that has been built on the promise of infinite, surplus and cheap oil will continue its relentless collapse; it cannot be sustained with expensive oil or invocations to a higher power.

Prayers cannot change the laws of physics, though there are those who insist they can:

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James Inhofe R. Okla.

“We should have no worries about the environment, because after the great flood with Noah, god promised that he would never ruin the Earth again”…. Sen. James Inhofe. R.Okla.

So there you have it. Holy writ brings certainty to your future, in full agreement with the dictator-in-waiting, who insists that climate change is hoax and tears up anti pollution laws. Sea levels rising, heat scorching the Arctic, oil depletion and millions unable to feed themselves adequately or obtain basic medical services in the richest nation on earth, count for nothing in the face of holy writ.

Just pray harder.

But Inhofe(and many others like him)were elected by people who nod in agreement, knowing that their leader is doing god’s work. Concern should not be about Inhofe’s bizarre certainties, but about the millions who clearly think as he does. When (not if) the time comes for dirty work to be done, there you will find the millions with “Gott mit Unz” already on their belt buckles. The hate within the far right is here, and growing. No inquisition suffers from a shortage of recruits.

There is a fever over the land…..digest this video.

We are aware of the current mess the world is in, and in every era of collective hysteria, it has been necessary to identify heretics.

We are the heretics.

The deity will not be placated, so more sacrifices will be necessary. Those who voice environmental concerns will become the next undesirables. They speak out against the rape of the planet, contrary to the certainty that god has ordained it. So they too must be silenced.

As has already been made clear: those who peddle fake news are the enemy of the people. By the laws of holy writ, this article is fake news.

Within days of taking office, Hitler destroyed the printing presses of newspapers that had criticised him and threw his critics in jail. The dictator must identify common enemies to justify excesses. He cannot endure the light of truth.


But the constitution will not allow a fascist dictatorship to arise.

To the founding fathers resources were truly infinite. They had no way to devise a contingency plan for resource depletion and economic collapse, or imagine the result of it in an exhausted world of over 7 billion people. How could conceive of that? In 1774 Malthus hadn’t written his warning, and the march of the machines hadn’t begun to create obscene wealth for the priveleged elite.

All conflict has its origin in resource constraint and depletion. As the USA (and by default the rest of the world) begins to feel the bite of oil depletion, the serious struggle to get hold of it will begin. The priests will assert that prayer is vital, but the priest-king will have other ideas.

Every dictator in history has arisen through socio-economic collapse. This time will be no different.

Our commercial industrial infrastructure is entirely dependent on fuelburning to provide jobs and wages. But those fuels are finite, but the prayer circle insists that they are not.

Prayer will not alter stark reality:

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Global oil supplies are everyone’s problem, not those of an isolated nation. There will be no uptick on this chart. Oil discoveries are clearly fading to zero within a decade. Then the serious fighting for lifeboats will begin

And the millions who also pray will disbelieve that oil-truth. To them it will be yet another hoax. Wells will be drilled in frantic desperation to find more oil, until investors run out of drill money.
Without oil, rapid socio-economic collapse is certain. We eat oil, and without it, food supply chains will break down and violent civil unrest becomes inevitable.

That is when the dictator makes his move for power.

There is a fever over the land…..digest this video.

With uncertain food and fuel supply, widespread civil disorder will paralyse the country and make it ungovernable. Oil shortage will affect the large scale movements of necessary forces to where they are needed. The senate will be powerless to act, so the president will be forced to sieze control, to ‘restore law and order’. He will then ‘temporarily’ suspend the constitution and assume personal control. And take the full role as dictator.

He will not lightly surrender it.

His priestly cohorts will assure him that it is god’s will, and he now must create a theocracy governed by biblical laws. Even he might begin to believe that it is god’s will that he is sole ruler of the United States. Theocratic laws are quickly introduced, ignoring the breakdown of infrastructure.

States recognise that his edict cannot ultimately extend much beyond Washington, and that oil has gone for good, so secessionist movements begin in earnest.

The military falls in behind the new dictator (he pays their wages), and fighting breaks out on the dividing lines of the new state-groups, which are little better than petty fiefdoms. Equally god-ridden, they establish their own theocracies, while in dire straits due to social breakdown and denial. The borders are easily visible right now on ethnic and religious lines, conflict and godly certainties will widen them.

Think Syria on steroids.

He has already recruited generals who think as he does, and rid himself of those who don’t.

Soldiers obey those who pay their wages while the generals seek to inflate their power under their perceived leader.

As commander in chief the military will fall in behind him. But as energy depletes, money loses value. So eventually the military goes unpaid. Their vehicles go nowhere and the soldiers go self employed.

The country is vast, and as the nation dissolves itself into six or seven independent nations, the dictator continues to issue irrational orders that have no jurisdiction beyond the walls of his bunker, his priests having finally deserted him.

Which sounds depressingly like the last one.

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