the survival of any species is predicated on the energy available to that species.

we may not like that inflexible law, but we are stuck with it. Writing long articles about how wrong it is will not change it. As individuals we do not want it to be, but collectively we have to live with it.

In the past 200 years, we have been able to escape our natural energy constraints by burning fossil fuels. This allowed us all to survive, irrespective of fitness.

Now our energy supplies are running out, and we expect to survive without it. The current political order is irrelevant. Without sufficient surplus energy, no species can survive.


What we are witnessing in the USA right now is one particularly nasty result of it. Nazi Germany was another, as was Japan.

In WW2 they set out to loot weaker (unfit) nations to support themselves as superior. And said so, clearly.

There have been many other examples.

They carry a common denominator: Too many people, too little energy by which to support them.

Doesn’t matter if you ignore a starving man on the street, or ignore a collapsing nation, the emotional forces remain the same.

The unpleasantness of current USA politics is a manifestation of that, giving rise to fascist rhetoric which fires up the cheering crowds, who themselves have no knowledge of what they cheer for. Which is, of course, their own self-destruction. (check out the Nuremberg rallies).

The Don is promoting the “superiority” label again.

and he has millions of supporters

With 7.5bn of us on a planet able to support 1 or 2 bn at most, we are witnessing the fight for survival now. In the USA it is turning raw and bloody, and is set to get worse. In Europe we maintain a veneer of civilisation. But that will last only until our energy resources begin to dry up.

If you cannot acquire sufficient resources on which to live, then you can only survive on the charity of others. If those others ignore your condition, then ultimately you will die.

We delude ourselves into thinking that nature cares about humankind. If we kill ourselves off with our own stupidity, then our niche will be filled by a species better suited to this environment.

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