The rule of law up to our present era, within any form of what we might recognise as civilisation, has been totalitarian.

ie an elite running whatever country/economy for their own benefit, with the working serfs receiving only sufficient to keep them alive and fit to work on behalf of aristocrats. I can assure you the majority didnt like it, but were stuck with it. There was little difference in life terms between my g-grandfather working in a 19thc coalmine and a slave on a cane plantation. Both were there to produce cheap energy for an elite.

Slavery was the norm, whether paid or not, and effectively workers were worked to death, dying at an average age of 50, with child labour commonplace.

Attempts at usurping this ‘law’ down the centuries meant death, and revolutions brought no change. The only change for the mass of the people came with the industrial revolution and more widespread ‘’common wealth’’ This allowed democracy to flourish for a time. As our common wealth deteriorates, our democracy will vanish with it.

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