the problem isn't Trump

Neither can the problem be solved by Biden/Harris.

The problem lies in the American voter who remains convinced that the problem is a political one, and thus can (must) be solved by politicians. See the screaming mobs who demand Trump remain in office, if you doubt my observation.

They are screaming to be driven further into debt and poverty, but do not know it. And cannot understand their own demands. They want a future that matches their fantasies of a past that never was. They are demanding that the American dream continues to its inevitable nightmare.

The problem is one of energy, or to be precise the lack of energy. Lack of sufficient cheap surplus energy to keep the system going in the way we insist that it should.

By 2024 Biden/Harris will be as deep in well intentioned mire as Trump is now, albeit without the malice aforethought.

Because they/we base our future intentions entirely on hindsight. Biden has been elected on the fallacy that politics can rectify our problems. They can’t.

With that in mind, we look to recent history, and see (apart from a few hiccups) constant growth and improvement in human existence.

Collectively we look for reasons why this should be, and come up with ‘human ingenuity’ — -ie technology.

It follows then, on that presumption, that ‘technology’ will continue to ‘deliver’, and voting for the right POTUS will make it happen.

Why and how?

Because it always has (hindsight again)

Time and again, the mantra repeats itself: Electronic gadgets have got smaller and more powerful year on year, therefore everything else must follow the same pattern — — ie Moores Law is a universal law.

Clearly, to any rational thinker, that is nonsense, but to millions it is not nonsense. (I’ve tried with a few of them).

History shows constant improvement through ‘technology’, therefore the future must continue on the same path.There is little or no awareness the fossil fuels have been our one-shot wonder.

It must. No matter that our tech-hindsight covers only 150 years or so (300 at a push). We are literally betting our lives on ‘technology’. (though most don’t realise that). Anything other than a techno-society is beyond living memory. Which to most people means the previous era(s) didn’t really exist.

Humankind is not subject the laws of physics. Our technology has proved it to be so. To a 13th c peasant we would appear to be magicians. But exposed to his world we would be dead in a week.

Our growth in prosperity (and technology) provided universal wheels and wealth. We have turned that on its head, and convinced ourselves that wheels will give us universal prosperity and infinite wealth.

Our delusional wealth derives from converting explosive force into rotary motion. It cannot be reversed. Wheels will not make us wealthy

Politicians have nothing to do with it.

Our energy resources provide those explosive forces, and are finite. Votes cannot alter that fact.

Nevertheless, humankind will continue with hindsight navigation, and voting for political promises, no matter how well intentioned. Because we know of no better way.

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