the political forces that act within a nation are directly linked the indigenous energy available to that nation

Posturing this way or that, different policies etc are all subject to that law. Few are aware of it.

A “new deal” is echoed regularly, wanting a return to what Roosevelt was able to do.

But Roosevelt had unlimited cheap oil at his disposal with which to build dams and road and get people back to work. Work doesn’t deliver the same results now because the energy input doesn’t deliver the surpluses it used to, so workers are having to work harder and harder just to stand still.

People can’t get on the housing ladder because an average house costs 10x average wage, That ratio used to be 4x. That is the root of the mass frustration — -the hopelessness of the future.

The progress isn’t there because the surplus energy is no longer in the system.

So it isn’t a political problem.

We live in an energy society, not a money society.

Unfortunately, the mantra is repeated that we can spend our way out of this crisis. We can spend on ‘energy saving devices’, not realising that money itself is a token of energy exchange.

Every elected leader will follow the same pattern of behaviour because they are committed to it. It is the only way they know to keep themselves and their voters in employment

Until the energy runs out.

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