The point about ‘’leadership’’ is missed.

Why is it so difficult to grasp?

We hark back to previous times and previous leaders who delivered great things for ‘the people’ as if they were somehow exclusively responsible for what they did:

The New Deal

The Manhattan project

The Apollo program

to quote just the typical yearnings.

Why can’t we have all that stuff back to fire our resolve? Where are the leaders of yesteryear? Time and again we hear that if only we could ressurect such determination all would be well.

But look at the commonality between them. Not the leaders, but what made those things viable:

Cheap surplus energy.

None of the above would have been possible without it irrespective of the quality of leadership.

The outcome of WW2 wasn’t determined by the nobility of the “American Dream”, it was decided by which side ran out of petrol first. Leaders were a side issue

Now all the cheap surplus energy has been burned. And what do we have left? Only cheap surplus leaders who arise from the mire of our civilisation to reassure us that only they can restore what was. So they get voted into office so that they can flail around using empty promises and enrich themselves from the dregs of our economic system. Eventually they are removed and we try another set of idiots.

They can do nothing to deflect our looming future because they lack the means . We’ve run out of fuel, and started to print money as an alternative.

Imagine, if you can, winning WW2 by printing money. That is what we are doing right now. Such energy resources that are left we are borrowing from our children’s future. This is why their future is infinetly bleaker than our own time.

But the cry is still there: Where are the great leaders who will save us?

Those with true ability recognise the problem and stay clear. They know about the mess we are in, and can do little more than hope, just like the rest of us.

Grieve for your children’s future:

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