the planet isn’t dying — -we are

the planet has a fever, and has recognised humankind as an infection, which is something quite different.

Just like the bacteria that live in and on our bodies in a perfectly balanced, mostly harmless way, humankind lived on this planet in a perfectly balanced harmless way for millennia.

Then 300 years ago, there was an outbreak of ‘’us’’ -we grew beyond our allotted boundaries and began the infect the entire planet body. Bugs do that to the human body all the time, sometimes we get over the outbreak, sometimes we don’t. Our symptoms become overwhelming, and we die if the infection is too severe.

But there the correlation ends, The planet senses us as a disease. The planet’s temperature rises, just as our temperature rises as a reaction to infection. The planet’s protection measures kick in to rid itself of the problem.

We are the problem. It is we who will be got rid of. Maybe not entirely, but numbers reduced to a level that cannot affect the health of the planet itself.

Just like any form of disease, we consume energy as part of our growth. That time of consumption is now over. we are entering the recessive phase because we cannot consume our host body, the planet itself. Our energy sources are in rapid depletion even as we deny the facts of it.

Wars of denial merely hasten the process, politicians repeat the denial and promise more growth of the very cancer that has become our destruction. And we of course vote for that growth because we know of nothing else.

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