The people of planet Earth have committed themselves to a system of economics which (we were told) was going to last forever.

It was going to pay our wages, deliver food/water, keep us warm/cool, supply the gizmos that we find necessary for day to day living,
It became basis of trade and monetary exchange.

There was one unsaid problem with it.

It needed infinite expansion to keep everybody employed waged and fed.

Which was fine as long as we had cheap surplus enery (oil coal and gas) to force the system.

Now that’s all gone, and the result is the start of our economic collapse. and no, it will not restrat because there’s no cheap fuel to allow us to do that now.

Our good times are over. Starving millions are the expression of that. They used to be 5000 miles away, now they are on your street, looking at you.

You are not one of them yet because you are reading this — -but give it time.

This has been our destructive factor — -as long as the economic system expanded, there was enough for most of us. Now our economic system is contracting, because we have used up all our cheap surplus energy.

This is why foodbanks are appearing everywhere, and people are going hungry and homeless. The wealthy have assets which gives them a temporary advantage, but it is just that — -temporary.

This is a sympton of collapse

It is the stuff of revolution.

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