The original capitalist

Capital originated when a hunter gatherer had the bright idea of enclosing land (probably somewhere around Iraq 10000 years ago) then growing his food instead of chasing it.

He found he could grow a surplus, but then had to use that surplus to pay people to guard it, pray over it and count it. In no time at all. enclosed land rolled up into states, kingdoms and empires, with kings and gods. Strong kings survived — -weak kings went under. Brawn, brains or a combination of both.

So you got capitalism.

And just like today, a few men got rich and powerful, while most found themselves having to work for their food.….essentially serfs to work the capital. Pharoahs or medieval kings or slave owners or modern billionaires— -all the same. Essentially the exploitation of energy resources (grain and meat) for the benefit of whoever was in charge at the time.

Appearances may have changed, but essentially we still function in the same way — -only now fossil fuel energy has added itslf to the mix. Now everybody expects to be a capitalist, but that would require infinite energy on a flat earth. — -but no problem, we are assured that growth is forever.

We have been brainwashed into thinking that there will always be more if only we work hard enough…and for a few decades there was always more — -hence the American Dream — -but now that’s shown to be the mirage it always was. Now there really is no more.

we really are scraping the bottom of the wealth barrel. extreme wealth will be meaningless when the capital (fossil fuel energy) that supports it has vanished.

The original capital (land) will remain of course, but that will be made untenable by fighting over it.

After all, all wars are fought over resources

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