the living system for most of us is one where we turn the world on which we exist into some kind of capital, then go on to use that capital to take us forward to tomorrow — next week — and ultimately our first pension payment (a product of capital)

too simplistic?

Take my challenge to find a substantially different way, unless you choose to become a professional hermit.

Time was, that our forebears lived only to the extent of their physical abilities — -think about that, and what it means:

Death in infancy…..Death by disease,….death well before old age. There was no “capital” to give support.

(this is roughly where the USA is headed right now — -but that’s another story)

Now I’m still fit and healthy, as are my kids and grandkids. I refuse to die willingly, so I will rely on the “capital” of others to keep me alive well beyond my allotted span. If my kids need healthcare, they too will rely on the capital of others to make them well again.

My personal capital has, for the time being, become irrelevant because I live in a capital rich environment. Without that, I would likely be dead by now.

I do not possess the means to live outside the capital system.

We will all hang onto that delusion until the capitalist system is removed from us

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