The killing gene of capitalism

As My fellow commenter Mr Ridgeway states below, capitalism matches our nature.

It is what we are, and have been since the dawn of our time, and well before that I daresay.

But those who say this cannot be are insisting that we unravel 50000 generations where we competed with one another, and come up with a viable alternative within the coming single generation, maybe two at most.

when out forbears slaughtered something eatable, they were transferring the energy in its flesh into their own flesh


because they needed it to power themselves for sufficient time to get to the next kill, or impregnate a female of their species.

Preferably both.

If they were unskilled at one it was unlikely they would succeed at the other. Females respond to providers, for the simple reason providers are the best bet for unborn offspring. Those who couldn’t kill were unlikely to reproduce.

So the killing gene was passed on.

So the instinct is endemic in all of us to grab what we can to create a future for our unborn genes. It may translate into private jets and unnecessary yachts, but that in essence is what the driving force is.

No matter how ultimately destructive, or how we might deny it.

Capital signals success, whether that is a dead mammoth or mansion. It improves your man-status. You want to kill the next mammoth, or make the next billion. Both ‘prove’ who and what you are.The driving force lies within all of us, either pronounced or subdued.

Trump and the capitalism he brings to the world are the pinnacle of human progress.
it is important to bear in mind that when all this started, the ‘planet’ consisted of the visible horizon, and an awareness that something big and unpleasant was likely to be waiting there to eat you.

You killed first and survived.

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