The great leader is, without doubt all of those things.

But such condemnations spreads the guilt too thinly (even though it may be well deserved).

He is the sum of all the counts. Greed seeks to express itself — -he gets their vote — -which applies to the bigot, the misogynist, the kleptocrat and the rest.

so he gets their vote

His evil is the sum of everyone else’s evil. He has become the front man. In the background there will be worse than he

In him they see what they wish to be, and in him they see all that they hope to be allowed to be, when the Don has stretched the law wide enough for them. So the polluter can poison people and get away with it, because the law has been bent in his favour.

If he lets them get on with their particular wrongdoing, the arrangement will be that the favour is reciprocrated.

When Hitler grabbed power, his subordinates could run Germany as they pleased, as long as the Fuhrer got their unconditional support. The USA is headed the same way.

The grand plan, as with all such leaders, is that by the time the mass of sane normal people wake up to what’s going on, it will be too late to do anything about it.

As with Hitler, all it takes is a few hundred dedicated thugs to put a bit of muscle around, and the senate will capitulate.

Already he is in open defiance of congress. If he gets away with that, the government will fold under pressure. The military will fall in behind whoever pays their wages (they always do — -they have to make a living like everyone else.

There will be dirty work to do — -there will be no shortage of volunteers for that — check out your hate preachers and their flocks.

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