the godbotherers will take over

been warning about this for years: the godbotherers take power because the rest of us roll our eyes and get on with our lives.

We have better things to do,

This article is a fair take on the future, but I would inject a few diversionary thoughts: That the USA won’t stay as a cohesive nation. Once the oil has gone it will be too big to hold together.

instead there will be six or seven smaller states, all paying homage to their god, but fighting each other while they have the energy reserves to do so, and while the climate allows it to happen. They will be fighting to prove their righteousness.

Which is what we Europeans did for centuries. Even Hitler’s army had “Gott mitt Unz” on their belt buckles

They are the unknowns…… all intereacting with one another in ways we cannot foresee: people — -energy — -climate.

Those three killer factors will be denied to the death.

Proof? (if proof is needed?:

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this man has been elected to high office by people who regard themselves as sane and normal

His belief is genuine and unshakeable. And when the breakup factors kick in, he will continue to deny, while Pompeo awaits the rapture. (he’s said as much) They will inflict this craziness on everyone else insofar as they can.

It is an unconscious collective movement to effect our survival, or at least try to. We don’t know we are doing it, we just are — -a species thing really. No different than growth of bacteria in a petri dish.

Humankind must survive somehow.

That means of survival will be perceived as harsh authoritarianism. Hitler was voted into office, he did not seize power. He offered the Germans what we see now as a Ponzi scheme. They just didn’t know that. They only saw jobs.

The American people are doing the same thing. They are understandably desperate — -maybe prayer is the answer, they’ve tried everything else. Let’s give god a try.

No thought that there’s just too many people and too little energy to sustain them. And they’re going to fry anyway. Inhofe says not. He must know something we don’t.

So welcome the theocracy.

Welcome the punishments for heretics and sinners. The bible offers guidance in that. With no internet, public executions will be the best entertainment on offer.

the sooner the land is cleansed, the sooner Jesus will return and refill all the oilwells and we can start over.

I can’t wait.

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