The forces of insurrection

inequality of income and wealth, which allows GDP to grow for the benefit of a few, while the majority of workers see decreases in real income — in other words, a wealthy minority monopolises the largest fraction of GDP growth, but does not increase their level of consumption with as much demand for energy and materials.

The above quote, taken from the article, defines our situation very neatly.

Unfortunately it also sums up the basic driving force of just about every violent revolution in history.

It defines our direction towards a new form of effectively medieval existence, where the minority own the means by which the majority subsist. And I do mean subsist, just as our forefathers barely subsisted in the middle ages. We will not submit willingly to that.

what we have and take as normal now, is an anomaly in the span of human existence.

Imagine the million years of our time as human beings. In all that time, we had only darkness and the light of a naked flame. The last century or two of artificial light and heat might be seen as the supernova of humanity, where the accumulated store of coal oil and gas exploded in a single bright flash of expended energy, before we return to the darkness whence we came.

We will not go gentle into that good night. We will fight against the dying of the light.

And it will be messy. But inevitable

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