The fight for resources

the weeds in my garden fight for my resources — -if i left them to it, their combined strength would overwhelm other wanted plants, and eventually, after a century or so make my house uninhabitable as well

so i go to war with them

it is a war over resources, they want my space, i try to deny them. Weeds grab resources so they can propagate their own kind.

we are no different in our wars with each other, all conflict is about acquisition of resources to promote oneself/tribe/nation

that is what we do, and have done in every era of history

The previously warring nations of Europe have been at peace since 1945 not because of some collective ideology, but because available resources have supplied more or less everyone with enough to satisfy their needs, via the EU.

Now those resources are depleting, and the regions of the EU are fragmenting, convinced that secession will restore ‘’prosperity’’ — -because their economic woes are caused by inept government. “Brexit” has that precise theme as a driving force.

The USA will go to war with itself for the same reason, when they find out the idiot they put in charge cannot actually “Make America great again’’

When they become aware that nothing is going to restore what was, then violent conflict will become the norm, until there are no resources left with which to fight battles.

In that interim period, maximum weaponry will be used, because there will be no alternative. That might be enough to kill enough sufficient humanity to rebalance the global human population. Only this time it will not be 10% but 90%

When we reach that stage we will each want what the other has, and the taking of it is going to be unpleasant.

However — -we should examine the mass exterminations of past times, and be aware that they didn’t dent the relentless growth of world population.

so in terms of excess population we are left with 2 choices……

1 nuclear war, which would likely kill off most animal life anyway

2 climate catastrophe, probably sudden methane release, which would certainly starve out 5 bn people very quickly.

No other ‘’future scenario’’ will rebalance our numbers rapidly enough to save us from ourselves.

We are governed by this Universal Law:

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