The fascist road is clearly marked for the USA, (And many other nations too).

It is, of course, a dead end, but we choose not to believe that (yet). While European nations at present seem to have excluded themselves from the excesses of the USA, I do not see them as immune.

We must be clear about why we take that road, and why other roads seem less and less inviting — -or even usable in today’s terms.

All industrial nations have been stitched together with threads of fossil fuels, (coal oil and gas) and while we fantasise about ‘alternatives’ there are none, at least not on the scale that will hold our nations together.

The USA has become the most powerful and advanced of ‘western industrial ‘ nations, by an accident of geology which endowed her with a superabundance of fuels, but that same superabundance has been confused with infinity and confirmed by a god fixation that insists that infinite energy is a god given right.

the reality of course, is a god given right for an elite minority, and growing shortage for everyone else. Exactly the policy of fascist Germany and Japan

This shortage of fuel is going to intensify in the coming century, and with that intensification, desperation and a denial that it is happening

Because of that denial, anyone preaching realistic lies will be listened to and acted upon — -blame will be apportioned — -it will always be ‘others’ who are responsible.

We see this happening already. Trump has already said there’s fuel to last 400 years. Easy to believe that.

When nothing works, and Jesus doesn’t return to refill the oilwells, the result will be violent. States that have lived in harmony will be reduced to fighting again.

Hitler’s war was a war of resources to keep his Ponzi scheme afloat. Current oilwars are for the same reason. Oilwars are now ongoing. They will get worse. There will also be water wars.

Most of the petro-states are living in a land of fantasy-water.USA Fascism

But back to the USA.

The USA was built on fossil fuels. Without fossil fuels it will come apart, into at least 7 seceded regions. The rifts are already there on theological, economic and religious lines.

Those states will be fascist. They have to be to hold together any semblance of order in collapse. Their level of brutality might vary, but the signs are clearly visible,

There will be no shortage of people to do the dirty work

But before secessions take place, a drift into fascism will be Washington’s last resort to try to hold the country together. That will fail. As it is seen to fail, regions will break away and govern themselves. The POTUS will install martial law, with himself as dictator. The current one isn’t smart enough, unless he’s kept as a puppet by others.

He’s certainly being used as a jesus-puppet right now, so if things carry on as they are, the fascist USA will be a theo fascist state(s).

Again, we see that happening, with states putting religious ‘principles’ above common decency and the rule of law:

The dawn of fascist control. Exactly as Margaret Atwood foretold it. When states secede, these laws will be imposed. Be under no illusions about that.

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