The Earth isn’t property

since the first of our number made the decision to build a wall around a parcel of land, then grow his food instead of foraging for it, humankind set itself on a path to oblivion.

Enclosed land needs ‘extra’ people to guard it, count it, pray over it. Enclosed land becomes owned land.

The extra people can only be supported by the surpluses the land produces. Populations thus expand, and always need more. So you have invasions of other territories. Which works so long there are other territories to invade.

But we live on a sphere and we’ve run out of space.

the 10k years since that ‘enclosure’ first happened may seem an eternity to us, but in earth-terms, it is nothing.

We made the decision to call the planet ‘property’. If I own enough ‘property’ I become a king, an emperor, and industrial tycoon, a tyrant.

The difference lies only in the trappings of the office. The point lies in the subjugation of others to my will. I hold the power of life and death. Some find it intoxicating and want to grab more, always more.

But our planet refuses to become ‘property’ and on the face of it seems to be fighting back, resisting our pollution and poison of what was pristine environment only 10k years ago.

If our planet is an aware entity, what better way of getting rid of it’s poison than to release a vitus that kills off the source of the problem, but leaves every other form of life unharmed?

This was the final step that sealed our fate:

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