just as I said it would.

The millions who were fed the lie about “making America great again” wanted to believe.

Why wouldn’t they? They have nothing else to believe in.

Trump has now gathered his sycophants around him, all prepared to admire the emperors clothes, just as every aspiring dictator has done throughout history. Hardline generals are being hired because fascism demands it

Why? Because when millions find they’ve been duped, and there is no utopia, and the economy crashes there is going to be serious civil unrest and disorder. Only the military will maintain order, and violently.

The promises to “make America great again” cannot possibly be fulfilled, because America’s “greatness” was born out of (cheap) oil coal and gas.

But control of the media will assert that everything as it should be, that “victories” are being won in the face of adversity. The biography on the .gov page reads as if it was written by and for Korean Kim:


Those promises are among the biggest lies, and when the people who believed those lies find out that America is not going to be made great again, all hell is going to break loose

That’s all gone, and taken employment with it. There will be no return of millions of jobs, the industries and resources that sustained them no longer exist Our problems lie in the fact that we have spent the last 200 years consuming the planet’s resources to create a delusion of infinite wealth, at least in the developed industrial part of the world, and everyone is demanding that it should continue, and sees no reason why not.

The global economy cannot provide any more, we’ve milked the Earth dry. Telling voters that resources are unlimited is a blatant lie.. But the gullible want to believe it, just as all investors in Ponzi schemes cannot accept that they’ve lost everything. They too want to believe.

The result of these lies will ultimately be civil disorder

Civil disorder will inevitably need military intervention, with any head of state being forced to introduce martial law. The appointment of hardline generals indicates that there is already any awareness of this.

With the economy in a tailspin all hell is going to break loose with everyone seeking to blame everyone except themselves, and backing up their opinions at gunpoint.

welcome to the (dis) United states of America, especially as it devolves into 5 or 6 disparate regions, and military intervention to prevent it.

But the constitution couldn’t allow this to happen. Could it?

Civil unrest on a massive scale would bring about a military dictatorship very rapidly.

So how might this happen?

Ten easy stages:

1. A president is elected on the promise of eternal greatness.

2. Those promises remain unfulfilled.

3. The economy continues into its tailspin.

4. The disillusioned majority faces acute privation.

5. The nation begins to violently disintegrate into disparate regions.

6. A state of emergency is declared.

7. The military sides with the existing government (they have no choice)

8. Civil war breaks out (2023?) as US regions demand autonomy.

9. Martial law is declared

10. You have a fascist (or more likely theo-fascist) dictatorship. Permanently.

The military will have no option but to fall in behind such a fascist government, they will have no choice. (hence hiring generals )

The military rank and file will fall in behind whoever pays their wages.

And you thought our prime danger lay in climate change.

— — — -

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