The Don is a sexual weakling

some men are born with an inherent fear of the opposite sex, or acquire it very early in life, certainly pre teen.

I’m not qualified to offer reasons for this, only perhaps to observe the results.

It is a condition ancient in orgin I think. It has its roots in ancient doctrines. Look at the bible and the horrors it contains. All written by men who are fearful of female power. All originating in sex of course, where a man can come to feel very inadequate in the prescence of a demanding woman in that respect.

Because of it we have FGM. Clearly intended to diminish and eliminate the female need, so that sexual weaklings can feel all powerful again.

This is of course what the Don is. A sexual weakling. Any woman he comes into contact with senses inadequacy and failure in that respect, (women are good at that) but of course such common sense can be overruled by the lure of big money. They suffer his inadequacies for that, then dump him. Or he has to pay them in advance. The silence of previous wives has to be bought. One can only imagine the horrors being hushed up.

The end result is the same.

Real men do not talk of women as he does. Real men revel in the power of a woman, and cherish it.

Melania clearly can’t stand him. His tweets at 3am are the clearest indication of that. Body language when they are together confirms it

Elizabeth Warren is the ultimate powerful woman, and Trump knows this. The fear of her is deep within him.

Incredibly attractive, he knows she is stronger in every sense than he can every hope to be. He cannot dominate her as he does with the women he buys. No wonder he is terrified of her. She is all his woman-fears rolled into a single fighting package that he cannot overcome.

The finger pointing of Pelosi makes my point too.

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His hangers-on just look away in embarrasment. A classic image

Another woman he can’t control. His visceral fear. He calls he a third rate politician.

Trump is where he is through a collective error in seeing him as some kind of expression of America. The MAGA man. Instead he diminishes the great nation. One day perhaps this will be recognised

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