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the don couldn’t have foreseen all this when he stood for election.

but once he got the job he was smart enough to see that the usa was wide open for a fascist takeover.

His jesusfreakin supporters were the key to it. Scream god is great (or somesuch) and the neckless millions will follow in droves. Hitler put “Gott mitt Unz” on the belt buckle of his soldiers. The same thing is happening here.

Only this time the Krystallnacht will be for anyone who disagrees with their twisted theocracy. Anyone who does not ‘conform’. Anyone who rejects the theocracy. Trump will gladly give them freedom to inflict themselves on the rest, so long as he gets his way in looting the country.

Hitler sustained his Reich by conquering other lands.

This fuhrer has only his own land to suppress and conquer. it is American ‘untermenschen’ who must now hide in fear — -those who are responsible for holding back the great destiny of greatness of the American nation.

He is advocating military expansion. To what end? Every dictator needs a strong army to protect him. He must have a Praetorian guard

Those who impeached him are enemies of the state. How long before the revolving door of the WH leads to somewhere other than Penn Ave? He will have no trouble staffing and filling camps with those ‘enemies of the state’.

This fuhrer is condoning criminality, using the pardon process to free crooks who are useful to him, and embolden others of similar ilk. Why should we be suprised? He was saying as much in the run up to the 2016 election. He was advocating violence to those who disagreed with him back them.

Hitler was saying the same thing in 1931 — -back then it was said he would ‘change’ when he had power.

He didn’t, he got far far worse. This isn’t ‘old history’ — -it is a stark warning.

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