Middle East mess

the current mess in Syria kicked off through drought, forcing farmers off their land into towns and thus clashing with others over scarce resources.


the rest of this piece leaves me screaming and foaming at the mouth in sheer frustation.

As if we didnt know already, that the Middle East is overpopulated and energy/food depleted — -then we read the brilliant observation …….. That there is “some hope” in that there is potential for “micro grids” for electricity.

Great stuff

Arab child to mother: “Mother I am hungry and thirsty”

Arab mother to hungry child: “ That’s alright dear…we have just installed electricity through our new micro grid, go and switch the lights on “

Saudi Arabia has a population of 30 million. Pre oil their population was 1 or 2 million. But not to worry — -they can have solar power. So it’s BAU — -what choice is there.

Should that be ringing alarm bells?

They use solar power to extract water from finite aquifers, and desalinate seawater — -which in turn is increasing the salt content in the enclosed Persian Gulf. They sell thier oil to buy food to keep themselves alive.

And keep the lights on.

The Muslim world has a dress rehearsal going on right now for what will happen as food and water deplete beyond a critical low — -they will fight for what’s left until the population rebalances itself.

As I wrote in response to a previous piece…. No nation is exempt from my Universal Law:


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