the article above is written as though predatory capitalism by the ultra rich is some kind of new and unknown phenomenon.

it isn’t

wind the European clocks back a few hundred years, and you have kings as predatory capitalists

They stalked each other stealing chunks of land, or entire countries on the fortunes of war

What the king took by force, he owned. Hence Britain was taken by William the Conqueror and the country became his personal possession — -all of it

True, he doled out chunks of it to his mates, but only on condition of fealty.

The energy resources of the land (peasants) were his to appropriate into building palaces and castles. It took thousands of energy/acres to support one castle.

So where’s the difference today? The peasants still deliver their energy reserves to support Bezos et al — -the mindset is exactly the same. The elite have progressed from coach and horses to private jets and yachts.

But capital still drains the poor as it always did.

We are now entering a period of tyranny, because the energy that delivered a reasonable living to most of us is draining away. It will be a new form of despotism, because unlike our medieval forbears, we will know that there was a lifestyle we had taken from ud, anf forced our lives into the tyranny of denial, and a delusion of a future that cannot exist no matter who we vote for.

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