the American social experiment is just the European version writ large

We Europeans exhausted ourselves in draining everying our continent had to offer, as well as tapping into that of other continents. We were reaching our limits just as the real potential of the Americas was becoming truly apparent. So we exported our national and natural traits across the Atlantic, where they seeded themselves and flourished mightily.

This was the ultimate ‘’good thing’’.

Infinite GDP if you like.

Everyone was promised that forever meant exactly that, and they rethought their gospels to prove it to themselves.

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infinite prosperity became the literal answer to prayers. So that now the colossal wealth of the USA is entirely due to the bountiful hand of an all seeing god.

Politicians are spouting this, and the masses are repeating it in unison. The Presidents lies are almost comical to watch. His believers are far from funny. They are being cultivated as his Praetorian guard.

For centuries, every European nation went to war with god on their side. Our old crusades were a means of meddling in affairs of states where we had no business, just like today.

So the great American social ‘’experiment’’ is merely the grossly inflated version of the European death march to destruction. We Europeans delayed it only by expanding our insanity into a fresh landmass across the Atlantic.

Just like the Eurpeans did, the Americans now find themselves running out of land and resources. As with obscenely rich monarchs, the princes of the USA are taking their land back to serfdom, though as yet no one calls it that.

But that is the inevitable future, where subsistence is going to mean ‘work to eat’.

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